Surgical Fusion Aid

Complex fusion procedures used to treat large
deformities such as a charcot or failed total ankle
replacement – often require the use of an allograft
in order to obtain successful union. The use of an
allograft comes with several complications such as
donor site morbidity, increased pain, increased
infection and graft collapse.

The FuseIt device removes the need for a structural
allograft and provides a base for a strong fusion. Its
threaded, fenestrated design allows for powerful
macro-interlock between the fusion surfaces and
the device as well as promoting osseointegration.
As it is cannulated it can also be used to performs
opening wedge osteotomies such as the Evans
procedure. Biocompatible with GraftIt.

Material: Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V
Shape: Conical Fenestrated Plug
Product Range:

Length DiameterCatalogue
1 cm6 mmLA010-6
1 cm8 mmLA010-8
1 cm10 mmLA010-10
1 cm12 mmLA010-12
2 cm6 mmLA010-6
2 cm8 mmLA010-8
2 cm10 mmLA010-10
2 cm12 mmLA010-12

FuseIt Studies