The better alternative for bone healing

• GraftIT is a better alternative for your patients.
• GraftIT is a natural coralline hydroxyapaptite.
• It has been used for many years in thousands of cases.
• It is safe, effective and non-inflammatory alternative to existing grafts.

• Eliminates need for donor site
• Successful use in over 200,000 cases in a variety of fields
• High osteoconductivity, low resorption as well as promoting on, in and through growth
• Very similar structure and composition to Human bone
• Unique syringe delivery apparatus with various attachments


GraftIT is natural hydroxyapatite and has several advantages:

• GraftIT is injectable.
• GraftIT is biocompatible with a long history of usage.
• GraftIT is readily available from renewable sources.
• GraftIT is easily stored at room temperature.
• GraftIT does not require complicated preparation protocols. Easy to use.
• GraftIT is naturally occurring, a mineral form of calcium apatite with the formula of Ca₁₀[PO₄]₆[OH]₂ which comprises about 50% of the weight of the bone. Therefore has excellent osteoconductive and osteointegrative properties. (Bhatt and Rozental, 2012; Wang and Yeung, 2017).
• GraftIT has wide pores (macroporosity) allow for adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation
of osteoprogenitor cells. As well as revascularization, and subsequently ingrowth of new bone (DiDomenico and Thomas, 2015; Roberts and Rosenbaum, 2012; Wang and Yeung, 2017).
• When GraftIT is soaked in blood and bone chips, healing is enhanced (DIDomenico and Thomas, 2015).
• Lower risk of infection and immune reactions, unlike allogeneic grafts.
• Low risk of co-moridity, unlike autograft.

GraftIT Study